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Tales and songs :short flash stories with sound, animation and scripts from
  jungle eyes house for sale on my way to school
Jungle_eyes House for sale All on my way to school
Alberta sparrow caterpillar_caterpillar honeybees_and_bears
Animal fair crazy_mixed-up_yak hony_tree
Babies learn croak_went_hog how i feel happy
Baby sitter dandilion how i feel scared
Barnyard babies do_not_open how i feel silly
Beetle spot donkey_jack I_sail_the_sea
Big bass drum dreamhouse icky sticky gooey
Bills birthday cake drippy if only i were
Billy Bob Buzzard Eensy-Weensy Spider imagination
birds in the band falling leaves Jack and Mister Khear
bobo five_frogs julia_big_wave
book_of_nonsense fred jungle bungle
boston_tea_party freda Katrina the Caterpillar
bounce-english frog princess katy katoo
Bug story funnny sunny bunny legend_of_kanga
caboose goofy_Grandma lights_on
calico green box little_a
captain_caitlyn gwendolyn little_fish
cars headin'south little_owl
  oliver the octopus timid friends panda button
Oliver the octopus Timid_friends Panda's button
little_poems other side of the world time_machine
macmighty pampered pals valiant_chris
mary_the_fairy Pigbot publish wambat
mermaid plague what_do_i_see
micerto_mozart puddles_all_seasons what_if_the_moon
mona_lisa puffy_pluto what clouds really hold
monkey_see puppy_checkup wheels_on_the_bus
moogie purple_socks when_a_baboons_not
mother_goose3 quackety_yack when i find courage
mother_nature quangle why_snow_falls
mr_rabbit rainbow planet woodpecker
muskrat_mixap ricky_raccoon woodpecker_knocking
natpat River Otter zero_the_hero
new_puppy robby_fire_truck zoo
nigel the duck robin starry_night
no_bananas ryan_intro stopping_by_woods
oldLady safari_song sweet_time
oliver_penny Scrappy telephone_game
Oliver and Geraldine slow_mover_anim04 test_trouble
ooops The Green Grass Grew The Blue-Lined Socks
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A hot air balloon Eggs Hands How does this sound
If I were Story of shapes The fishing trip The little red hen
The ox and the frog Things that fly What is in the sea