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  three little pigs the boa and the monkey red-ants
the three little pigs the boa and the monkey the black ants
animal musicians big thumb three butterflies
animal musicians big thumb the three butterflies
goldilocks dove-ant sleepy toto
goldilocks the dove and the ant sleepy toto
spotted cat monkey-turtle goose eggs
spotted cat the monkey and the turtle goose golden eggs
rabbit hans the gardener the pied piper the pink flower
rabbit hans the gardener the pied piper of hamelin the pink flower
three wishes ant elephant honest boy three feathers
three wishes the ant and the elephant honest boy three feathers
twin brothers jacks and the beans tortoise and hare remember-trees
the twin brothers jack and the beans talk the tortoise and the hare remember the tree
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Two monkeys The parrot In a dark, dark town The fox and the crow
A young mouse The travelers The wind and the sun Town and country mouse
The donkey and little dog Johnny is busy now Father and son Two sons
The last one for free The ugly duckling Rose-white and rose-red Wolf
The little duckling Little Red Riding Hood Golden touch The Piper
The three little pigs I'm as strong as... Father, son and donkey The passerby
The old courser Ant and dung beetle Horse, cow, dog & human The horse and the deer
The horse and the donkey Lion, ass and fox The lion and the rat The tortoise and the rabbit
The little child and the lion An old lion and the fox The mol Mice held a meeting
Dog, cock and fox The dog holding meat The flies and the honey Widow and hen
The farmer and his sons The tree and the axe Emperor's new clothes Alibaba and the 40 thieves
The boy and the flowerpot The Little Match Girl Cinderella Beauty and Beast
Three monks The story of Baogong Maliang The golden hatchet
The story of Arfanti The red candle The camel that was lost Beetle
Woven cloth The story fo sunshine King with trush's mouth The gooseherd
The little deer and sister Ghost with golden hair Old Sudan The fishermen and fish
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The Big Snow-rabbit Mouse Brother & Computer Goo-Dong The Monkeys and the Moon
The Pig and Watermelon The Pear Violin Spotted Cat and Oilcake Red Ants and Black Ants
The Goose's Trip Dinosaur and His City Life Good Friend TV Station White Cloud Pillow
Change Gallbladder Little Horse and the River The Little Clay Boy Big Mushroom on the Roof
The Monkey Referee The Story of the Vole Little Fox's Examination The Wild Cat's City
The Two Rats and the Egg The Tiger and the Cat Three Butterflies The Monkey and the Peach
The Mouse Captain Mr. Coward Frog and the Wild Goose Leaping Chick Magic Power
The Little Fox and His Quilt Little Green Worm's Dream Tiger King and Master Cat Hooded Rat and Leaping ..
The White House The Ant and the Dove The Snoring Band An Explosive Apple
Toad and the Watermelon Tiger from the Mountain The Ant and the Elephant The Joy Band
The Pig's Day off The Story of the Snail City The Foolish Wolf The Red Boots
The Slow Bear The Birthday Cake Who is Afraid of Whom? The Big Tree Umbrella
Mr. Hippo's Magic The Cactus's Leaves    
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