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  cinderella pinocchio hansel and gretel
cinderella pinocchio hansel and gretel
robin hood thirsty-crow hare-frog
robin hood thirsty crow the hare and the frog
ass-dog chocolate princess wolf-dog
the ass and the dog chocolate princess the wolf and the dog
pig-watermelon poor-dog squirrel
the pig and the watermelon poor dog the wise squirrel
chinos-winter forest doctor toto's library moon ring
chino's winter forest doctor mr toto's library moon ring
three brothers thumbelina tom thumb beauty and the beast
three brothers thumbelina tom thumb beauty and the beast
tooth witch good for me ghost and grandmother owlet
the tooth witch bad for them good for me ghost and its granmother owlet
crow and fox an ugly old dog beetle   /  boy soup old man no wrong
lost baby chick baby cricket mr coward the wedding
grandma goose's trip gingerbread man the wolf and the sheep
the peacemakers king story the tree trunk of honesty hannah is my name
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Stupid Han The girl who stepped... Hearsay becomes truth Windmill
Butterfly Old man who did no wrong Beauty Thumb girl
The story of mother Bottle neck Ask woman from Jamaica Race
Ollie who watches tower Wa wa newspaper The snail and rose bush Five peas
Little duck The little ghost Little Yeada's flowers Flax
A peculiar castle In the distant sea pole Cards The most difficult matter
The white snake meat Blue lamp The Monster in a Glass The Singing Bird
Big Thumb The Animal Musicians The Queen Bee The Story of a Frog
The Fox and the Cat Old Grandpa and Grandson The Abandoned Child The Three Spinning Women
The Three Feathers Three Brothers The Stupid Fellow The Pink Flower
A Man's Life The Crystal Ball The Seven Crow Brothers The Little Pigeon
The Moon on the Tree The Genuine Bride Sesame Opens the Door Cat and Mouse are Friends
more short flash stories
A Cobbler to be a Doctor Fisherman and the Flute Giant and the Wagon Driver The Fox Broken off the Tail
Man Find out Gold Lion Monkey and the Dolphin The Fox and the Logger Wolf and the Old Woman
One-eyed Deer Boy Thief and His Mother A Fruitless Jackdaw Woman and Husband
Man and Spirit of t Forest The Mouse and the Frog Old Woman & Wine Bottle Old Woman and Sheep
Old Woman and Doctor Amorous Lion and Farmer Fishermen Catching Stones The Tuna and the Dolphin
Wolf and Sheep feeding.. The Wolf and the Sheep Two Fighting Cocks Donkey and Its Shadow
Wolf and Little Sheep The Mule A Man Selling the Idol Grazier and the Lost Cow
Cow and Butcher The Farmer and the Stork The Farmer and His Sons The Friends and the Bear
The Man and the Lion Kindness and Evil The Hare and the Frog The Rabbit and the Courser
Blind Man and Little Animal Little Deer and His Father Little Boy and the Scorpion Fisherman and Barracuda
Miller,Son and Donkey The Cow and the Frog The Deer in the Bullpen Lion, Fox and Deer
A Lion, a Wolf and a Fox The Hawk and the Fox The Lion and the Deer Lion Bear and Fox
The Fox and the Billy Goat House Dog and Wolf More flash stories More flash stories
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