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cartoons: popeye, casper, sesame street - short videos to learn and practice English as a second language


  Cinderella1  Cinderella2   Pinocchio   Snow White
  Peter Pan   Sleeping beauty   Alice in Wonderland
  Hunchback Notre Dame   Thumbelina   Dumbo
  The lion king   Ugly duckling   Lambert
  Farmyard symphony   Social lion   The little house
  Susie the car   Pecos Bill   Goliath I   Goliath II
  Morris the moose   Noah's ark I     II   A cowboy
  The wise little hen   Ferdinand the bull   Elmer elephant
  Tom and Jerry   T&J Around the world   T&J In the dog house
  Tom and Jerry Vol. 1   Tom and Jerry Vol. 2   Tom and Jerry episodes
popeye 4th of july popeye quick on the vigor popeye meets hercules
  patriotic popeye   taxi-turvy   popeye meets hercules
  cookin' with gags - p   bride and gloom   ancient fistory - popeye
  Popeye meets Ali Baba's   Your a Sap Mr Jap   in the army now
  the ace of space   goonland   swimmer take all
  private eye   ain't human   fright to the finish
  insect to injury   childhood daze   olive oyl for president
  out to punch   coffee house   the crystal brawl
  a haul in one - popeye   popeye for president   spree lunch - popeye
  hillbilling and cooking   college of hard knocks   voo-doo to you
  forest ranger cartoon   parlez vous woo   I don't scare
  the house builder upper   pie a la mode   mess production
  a job for a gob   all's fair at the fair   moving aweigh
  rodeo romeo   the anvil chorus girl   pilgrim popeye
  abusement park   wotta knight   jingle jangle jungle
  barking dogs don't fite   too weak to work   the hungry goat
  beaus will be beaus   jitterbub jive   a balmy swami
  symphony in spinach   nurse to meet ya   the farmer and the belle
  hot air aces   let's stalk spinach   popeye makes a movie
  cross country race   the fly's last flight   gift of gag
  lunch with a punch   penny antics   firemen's brawl
  gym jam   alpine for you   the royal four flusher
  tar with a star   tops in the big top   cops is tops
  she-sick sailors   a wolf in sheik's clothing   snow place like home
  vacation with play   popeye's premiere   popalong popeye
  spinach vs hamburger   pip-eye pup-eye   wimmin is a myskery
  nurse-mates   fightin' pals   Impossikible Stunts
CASPER   Good boos tonight   boos and arrows
  boos and saddles   boo moon   red white and boo
  penguin for...   spooking about africa   cage fright
  spooking with a brogue   a bow-wow   the old mill scream
  ghost of the town   dutch treat   hide and shriek
  red white and boo   spook no evil   boo kind to animals
  the deep boo sea   casper comes to clown   boo or not to boo
  little boo peep   boo ribbon winner   boo scout
  north pal    true boo   zero the hero   puss and boos
  SESAME STREET   Count Cookies 1-7   Alphabet Soup
    Who is this boy?   alphabet dancing   Pinball Number Count
    chicken soup   Simon the Soundman -   Grover drives a taxi
    The Ladybugs' Picnic   Old macdonald   at the barbershop
    wigs to that blue guy   The flight attendant   Subway!
    Rubber Duckie   the apple battle   what should Grover bring
    the Fast Food O'Waiter   Big Hamburger   wants to be a lifeguard
    "takes the cakes"   a singing telegram   "waiter's memory"
    Takes a Bath   sells Hot Dogs   Telephone Booth
    no longer lives Quebec   Madeline Kahn   "I Am Very Proud of Me"
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