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    Animated stories for children with subtitles to learn english
The greatest treasure Turtle's flute Rosa goes to the city
The Whispering Palms The Four Friends The Elves and the Shoemaker
Zippy the Zebra The Little Pianist The Boo in the Shoe
Tucket the Bucket The First Well Abdul Kalam
Thank you Mr Secretary Gattu & Tooi   /  The tiny seed A Boy-Cut for Girls
The very busy spider The princess farmer The whale who ate everything
Sid the seed An old lady who swallowed a fly Rumplestiltskin
The wise rabbit The otters and the wolf The crow and the snake
The intelligent jackal The blind vulture Beauty and the beast
Rapunzel The frog prince Thumbelina
Hansel and Gretel Gingerbread man The three little pigs
Little Red Riding Hood Pinocchio The Pied Piper of Hamelin
The emperor's new clothes The jealous sister The prince and de seedlings
The monkey king The three brothers The ungrateful king
The greedy merchant The enchanted horse Clever deer
Castles in the air The woodcutter's good deed The monkey and the crocodile
The wise leader The foolish scholars The foolish disciples
The proud teacher The king and the apple The truthful thief
The three best things Fine feathers All for a piece of bread
The silly north wind The stag's antlers Jack and the beanstalk
ANIMATED STORIES - no subtitles
  The very quiet cricket   the gruffalo   The cat in the hat
  Yertle the turtle   Are you my mother ?   The tiger who came to tea
  Clever Kid Goat   David - purple crayon   Five chinese brothers
  The Dog and The Bone   Saving A Wolf   A Bad Dinner
  Greedy Brahma Rakshas   The Talkative Tortoise   The Donkey Without Brain
  Clever Crows   The Fox And The Drum   The Bird With Two Heads
    There Is Strenght In Number   The Boy Who Was a Snake   The Kind Thief
    Ant and the Grasshopper   Lord Ganesha   The Singing Donkey
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