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  alphabet song mommy finger this is the way
  A, B, C   ABC song   Mommy finger   This is the way
  How are you?   I'm so happy   Bingo
  Are you eating?   Hello   Washing in the morning
  What's this?   Happy, happy home   One, one, one
  I am a music man   I like dog   My balloon
  Twinkle, twinkle...   Ali Baba's farm   pretty little horses
  Autumn leaves   Autumn lullaby   Balloons
  Beanbag, beanbag   Bingo   Birdie's Cradle
  Broom   Clap your hands   Colors
  Cradle song   Cuckoo, cuckoo   Days of the month
  Fiddle-De-Dee   Five big dump trucks   Five little monkeys
  Good night   Grandma's glasses   Hickety, pickety,
  Hokey Pockey   How is the weather?   I love little pussy
  I'm a little teapot   If you're happy   Jimmy crack corn
  Jingle bells   Are you sleeping?   Lazy Mary
  Let everyone clap hands   Let us sing together   Little cabin in the wood
  Little goldfish   Little green frog   Little Peter Rabbit
  Make new friends   My aunt came back   Who stole the cookies
  Oh christmas tree   Oh, Susanna   Pat-a-cake
  Pop goes the weasel   Rain, rain go away   Reuben, reuben
  Roll that ball   Round the clock   Sally go round the sun
  Hush, little baby   She'll be comin' round   Simple Simon
  Sing Together   Six little ducks   Smile
  Ten fat sausages   The ants go marching   What's this?
  The family   The farmer in the dell   The finger family
  The months   The more we get   Winter cheer
  Angels watching   Three blind mice   Three blue pigeons
  Three little kittens   Yankee Doodle   Two little blackbirds
  Spreading chestnut tree   Walking, walking   Merry Christmas
  Teddy Bear   This is the way 1   Baby bye
  Down by the station   Wheels on the bus   Row, row your boat
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