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  my abc song ding dong dear mummy
  I can say my ABC   I can hear   Dear mummy
  A tisket a tasket   Baa baa black sheep   Catch a fish
  Clementine   Ding a dong   Go to school
  Good morning to you   Greeting   Happy birthday
  Hello! Hello!   Hello! How are you?   Hickory dickory dock
  I'm a fine musician   If you are happy   I went to school
  It's spring time   Little star   Lulala song
  Magic of the sun   Mary had a little lamb   Miss Polly had a Dolly
  Old MacDonald   Put your finger   Que sera sera
  Rain rain go away   Teddy bear   Ten green bottles
  The dog in the window   This is the way   To the zoo
  We are so happy   Where has my little dog    
  At the spring   Billy boy   Bonnie
  Boys and girls   Butterfly   Catch a falling star
  Come and dance now   Cock-a-doodle-doo   Cuckoo
  Cuckoo clock   Ding dong bell   Down at the station
  Five hundreds miles   Fly little birdie   Froggie song
  Good-bye little fish   Good night to you all   Happy wanderer
  He got the world   Here we go looby-loo   Hiking song
  Humpty dumpty   How lovely   I'm a little teapot
  I'm Popeye the sailor   I've been working   I've got sixpence
  I send a letter   I wish I were   In and out the Dusky
  It's a small world   Jack and Jill went up   Let's play together
  Lightly row   Morning comes early   Music box
  Pretend   Oh Susanna   Oh Suzanna
  Ring-a-ring of roses   Rock-a-bye baby   Saqura
  Sing a song   Sing your way home   The farmer in the dell
  This old man   The happy wanderer   The hockey pockey
  The three little kittens   There was an old lady   Three little monkeys
  To school   You're my sunshine    
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