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  alphabet old macdonald if you are happy
  The alphabet song   Old MacDonald   / Olm-2   If you're happy and.. /  2
  A bear named Sue   Abracadabra   Amazing superheroes
  An old lady who ...   Animal house   Bean Bag Hello
  Brush Bus   Chocolate cake   Dean and Pearl
  Don't put your trousers on your head   Everything beneath...
  Flying from the sun to the stars   Grand Old Duke
  Happy New Year   Hickory dickory dock   / 2   I can run
  How much is that doggie in the window   I can sing a rainbow
  In my plane   Incy Wincy spider   It's up to me and you!
  Jungles of Brazil   Keep safe, stay alive   My computer mouse
  Old scruffy teddy   Over the mountains   Playing in the playgr.
  Quiet please   Ramadan chant   Record breakers
  Santa, Santa, high in...   She'll be coming round..   Stop! Look! Listen! ..
  Ten little aeroplanes   Ten shiny coins   The ABC fruity band
  The ballad of Lisa the lemur   The busy buzz song
  The busy elf   The Hokey Cokey   The leaves on the tree
  The pirates song   The river   The scary skeleton
  The wheels on the bus   This is the way   This little piggy
  Time for another year   Tooth family   Turkey Trouble
  Twinkle twinkle little star   We are in an orchestra   We're going to the zoo
  What can it be?   When the circus comes    
  When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears    
  five little ducks 102   old macdonald   five little monkeys
  driving in my car   the wheels on the bus   miss polly's dolly
  she'll be coming...   How much is that doggie in the window
  the ants go marching        
enjoyenglish arabian nights  
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