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  happy birthday mulberry bush this old man
  happy birthday   mulberry bush1 / 2  / 3   this old man I   II
  old macdonald    2   I have a dog   the wheels on the bus
  five little monkeys   mary had a little lamb   rain rain go away
  incy wincy spider   hickory dickory dock   hokey-pokey
  humpty dumpty     2   twinkle little star   jack and jill    jack & jill
  baa baa black sheep 1   baa baa black sheep  2   teddy bear
  if you're happy   hush little baby   five little monkeys
  two little ducks   ring-a ring-s roses   if you are happy
  jack and jill   the wheels on the bus   row row your boat 
  london bridge   rock-a-bye   row, row your boat
  animals went in 2by2   I'm a little teapot   six pence
  1 2 buckle my shoe   it's raining it's pouring   once I caught a fish
  yankee doodle   hot cross buns   my bonnie lies over
  a green anaconda   are you sleeping   ding dong bell   
  miss polly had a dolly   ring a ring roses    2   two little dicky birds
  mary had a little lamb   five little ducks   the wheels on the bus
  jolly good fellow   the lady bird   some lyrics p.1  p.2
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SUPERSIMPLESONGS   row row your boat   rain rain go away
  Hickory dickory dock   Five little monkeys    
MIGHTYBOOK.COM   bobo elephant   mona lisa smile
  barnyard babies   metamorphosis   aesop fables 2
  four more limericks   aesop 1   woodpecker
  headin' south   muffin man    baboon   dinosaurs song
SILLYBOOKS   put your finger   pirate song
  animal fair     fireflies   six red apples   monkey see monkey do   mamalisa rhymes for learning english
  colouring sheets 1      
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