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  rain,rain,go away bingo clementine
rain,rain,go away Bingo Clementine
  A tisket a tasket   Ali Ba-ba   Are you sleeping ?
  Autumn leaves   Baa baa black sheep   Balloons
  Build a snowman   Clap your hands   Colors
  Cuckoo cuckoo   Days of the month   ...ever see a Lassie
  Down by the station   Five big dump trucks   Five little monkeys / 2
  Hands   Happy birthday   Head and shoulders / 2
  Hokey pokey   How is the weather   Humpty dumpty
  Hush little baby   I took a walk   I am a little teapot
  If you're happy   Jack and Jill   Kum-ba-yah
  Lazy Mary   London bridge   Looby loo
  Mary had a little lamb   My aunt came back   Number 1 touch your..
  Oats,peas,beans   Oh Susanna   Old brass wagon
  One little finger   Punchinello   Ring around the rosy
  Rosy, my posy   Round the clock   Six little ducks
  Skip to my lou   Smile   Teddy bear
  The ants go marching   The bear went over ...   The family
  The finger family   There's a hole   This is the way
  This old man   Two little blackbirds   What are you wearing
  What's on the bed   What's this   What's your name
  The wheels on the bus   Who stole the cookies 178 songs more here
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