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listen and sing english songs for children  you needrealonequickquicktimetime  or/and  shockwaveshockwave   Are you sleeping?   Rain, rain, go away 2
  This is the way.   2   Bingo    Hello
  Teddy Bear   2   Donkey   Clap your hands
  Here I come here I go   A little teapot   Susanna
  Body song   The Wheels on the bus   Wheels on the bus
  The old man   Cake   Five Big Dump Trucks  2
  Pat-A-cake   Old MacDonald1     2   Hush, Little Baby   2
  Hokey Pokey   2   Good night   2   Down by the station  2
  Row your boat   Going up to London   Cradle song    2
MIGHTYBOOKS   Bear went over   ...ever see a lassie
  Are you sleeping?   A-tisket A-tasket   Bingo
  London bridge   I made a mistake   I sail the sea
  Dry bones   You're adorable   Boston tea party
ENGLISHFORK.COM   fingers family   the colors       alphabet
  in and out the window   five little monkeys   where's thumbkin
  the muffin man   days of the week   I'm so hungry
  one little finger   reach for the sky   head and shoulders
  hello song   row,row your boat   the bus
  do you speak english   may I speak to min   if you're happy
  whose puppy is this   ten little indians   I'm a little teapot
  one two three four   a little lamb   bingo
  hokey pokey   how's the weather   hickory dickory dock
  where is it   jimmy crack corn   what's the matter
  jack and jill   the brown bush   how do you get there
  six little ducks   happy birthday   old mcdonald
  my little dog gone   round the mountain   itsy bitsy spider.
  frosty the snowman   out to the ball game   songs from buster
woowakwala   we're moving house   chopsticks
  Hello Mr Squirrel   best friends   I'm a rainbow
  Hello to animals   the best day   I love to run
  a butterfly   I love snow   more songs >>
     : music,video and lyrics   London Bridge
    The farmer in the dell   Little Miss Muffet   Mary had a little lamb
    Humpty Dumpty   Jack and Jill   Hickory Dickory Dock
    Ding dong bell   Baa,baa black sheep   Three blind mice
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