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easy listening exercises,listen and read the text,answer questions,text completion,from STARFALL.COM
  102 listening with activities    you need free realone  quickquicktimetime  or/and  shockwaveshockwave
sound an* sound en* sound et * sound at*  
sound ip* sound ig * sound ug* sound ot*  
sound a:* sound vo* sound og* sound an*  
sound ink* sound o:* sound ee* sound ea*  
sound o e* sound i e* sound we* sound u e*  
sound or2* sound ar* sound ai* sound or*  
sound sh* sound y* sound _r* sound th*  
sound ch* sound _e* sound wh* sound -y-*  
sound vo:* sound er* sound oe* sound ir*  
what is my pet* dragon* Peg the Hen mox's shop  
gus the duck pete's sheep jake's tale sky ride  
robot and mr.mole soap boat dune buggy car race  
surfer girl my horse glory my family who am I  
chunck /the big hit the baby toy  / zac the rat Dog and his bones  
Little red hen Penguin penguin Dog and cat could touch the sky  
My Hiding place Moon trip 1 Moon trip 2 Afraid of the dark  
My Pretend friend My Shadow Who Has seen the Cookies  
mother's day Lemonade girl guess guess Not too little to help  
Pumpkin pumkin The not tail cat Dragon goes to vincent van gogh*  
mark chagal * Wolves Two friends paul gauguin *  
ernie barnes* dorothy strait * georges seurat* Four friends  
the little rooster draw dragon dot the wooden horse the woman runner  
Midas touch the turnip Mr.Bunny soup the maze  
Chicken little Pegasus Wings rice thousand gold  
Morning three night Dung-shi copies Yay-gung loves Cup bow snake  
Pre reading: phonic activities for preschool children
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