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easy reading with comprehension exercises  from readtheory you can find more exercises here
  "Time to..."            Print "My Family"           Print "Rainy Day"           Print
A Call to the Pool    Print "The Singing Bird"  Print "Seeing Stars"        Print
"I Fly"                   Print "The Drive"            Print "Zach's Animals"     Print
"Griffin's Talents"    Print "A Happy Visitor"    Print "An Adventure"      Print
"Running"               Print "Paul Cooks"          Print "Bella Hides"          Print
"First Prize"            Print "What Number?"   Print "The Interview"      Print
"Julian's Work"       Print Talia's Special Day  Print 1 Hundred Dollars  Print
New Shoes for...     Print "The 20"                 Print "Big City Noise"      Print
"By the Water"       Print   "A Cold Day"           Print Vet Emergency!      Print
"Late"                     Print "The Brenners"      Print "Bullied"                 Print
The New School      Print "The Runaway"      Print "The Park"              Print
Worth Working       Print "The Rent Man"     Print With Grandpa         Print
The Bus Driver        Print Day Like No Other  Print "A Mystery"             Print
"Just One Touch"    Print "Wanga"                Print Ana Apartment     Print
Guermo's Surprise  Print Canopy of Nature   Print Birmingham            Print
Christmas-March    Print "Bail"                     Print Clean Water Act     Print
"BB"                       Print "Museum Hours"    Print "Flower Power"      Print
"Seeing Clearly"    Print "Accused"               Print "City Girl"               Print
"Fried"                    Print "Tattoo"                 Print "The Transfers"      Print
"Wild"                     Print "The Mini Problem" "Scorpion"      
Remains of a Marriage "Dreams" "Tracks"    
"Love Train"      "The Storm"          
comprehension exercises  from ENGLISHMAVEN    
The Submarine Family Vacation Jack and the beanstalk
Little Red Riding Hood The great race Princess and the dragon
  What Do You Want...?   Waiting   A Mystery
  Tyler's First Game   Eduardo Buys Shoes   Ben's First Pet
  Pizza for Dinner   Juanita: the Laundry   Amber : for School
  Ramon Makes Stew   Ana Finds an Apartment   The Storm
  Bees   Frogs   Beds
  Humans   Soda Pop   Tea
  Ice Fishing   Bears   Flags
  Leonardo da Vinci   Tennis   Dogs
  Money   Abraham Lincoln   Corn
  Umbrellas   Marco Polo   Birdsongs
  Cars   Yellowstone   Empress of the Blues
  Helicopters   Space Exploration   Television
  Hibernation   Benjamin Franklin   Cacti
  Easter Island   Movie Ratings   Counting
  Life cycle of a butterfly   No dogs   Ratty robs a bank
more comprehension exercises A letter to my friend   An old town
  My school   My friends   My teachers' habits
  Animals talk   My grandpa   My grandpa's youth
    Walt Disney   The Simpsons   Peter's day
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