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Written texts with comprehension exercises. Interactive written comprehension activities
  HARCOURTSCHOOL   the hat            ants   jack and rick
  all that corn   dan's pet   where do frogs come..?
  try your best   fun with fish   did you see chip
  tomas rivera   on the way to the pond   The Fox and the Stork
  the story of a blue bird   the puddle   baboon
  fishing bears   a nature detective   sleep is for everyone
  mixed-up chameleon   days with frog and toad   wilson sat alone
  the enormous turnip   helping out   hedgehog and cake
  secret life of trees   watermelon day   boa ate the wash
  dear mr blueberry   cool ali   pine park mystery
  max found two sticks   chinatown   world atlas
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ESL-LOUNGE.COM   Tom's day   My working day
  hotel dialogue   a letter     the 1990's   my name is Ben
  Tomas from Vienna   Tim's day   the postcard
  Caribbean cruise   Just married   English town
  eating out   learning english   pen pals
  the alien story   changes in town   Charlie Chaplin
  shrinking lake   traditional wedding   job description
  Siberian winter   snake bites boy   the aubergines
  couple Sue tv station   son's absences   prisoner shot
  couple win lottery   refugee boat   sun treatment
READINGLAB   school rings   banjos,harmonicas
  hurricanes & tornadoes   volunteers   saluting the flag
  gun controls   the native americans   black culture in america
  melting pot or salad   cowboys   the american flag
  a nation of nicknames   faces carved in stone   WORKSHEETS
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