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  three stories   what's the questions   Ofelia shops
  reading about jobs 1   reading about jobs 2   reading about jobs 3
  reading about jobs 4   a new coat   going to a restaurant
SHORT FABLES   rabbit and turtle   The frog and the ox
  the mice in council   rooster and fox   the wind and the sun
  the trees and the ax   the lion and the mouse   the cat, the rooster ...
  dog and manger   the fox and the crow   fox and grapes
  donkey in lion's skin   dog and his reflection   rooster and jewel
  travelers and bear   the lion and the gnat   sights
HENNYJELLEMA   What a coincidence   talk 1a     talk 1b
  the social girl.   talk 2a   talk 2b
  the restaurant.   talk 3a   talk 3b
  the Olympic dogs   talk 4a   talk 4b   /    talk 4c

63 texts with reading comprehension exercises

  animals   frank    /  Samlee   fashion
  a vampire story   Archibald's Biggest Mist   Midnight Surprise
  jerry's letter     frank's day   at the bus depot
  Three Magic Apples   Castle on the hill   Halloween
  Merlin's Day in London   Shakespeare   boy who went fishing
  The Coopers leave   They came Outer Space   roy,the army tank
  The Bicycle Story   rattic in the attic   compaigners
  frog's revenge   frog's revenge2   pelikan trish
  little mermaid   16 years old   prawns and slugs
  at the bank   the mushrooms   three men
  the cookies   the clock   into the garbage
  the cat   the grasshopper   the lost feast
  my wife   a quick meeting   turns into a potato
  the selfish giant   a service of love   phone card
  c. z. jones   Fairy tales   the tell-tale heart
  Horse riding
  Stereotypes   Airplanes
CAROLINEBROWN   oxford   family
  shopping       wedding   animals come out   travelling
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