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reading comprehension exercises written texts with easy comprehension exercises from STUDYZONE
  Nasreddin the pot1 Nasreddin the pot2 Nasreddin the pot 3
Goes shopping1 Goes shopping2   Goes shopping3
  Nasreddin's visitors 1   Nasreddin's visitors 2   Nasreddin's visitors 3
  Nasreddin & beggar1   Nasreddin & beggar2   Nasreddin & beggar3
  the smell of soup1   the smell of soup2    the smell of soup3
  two sisters & the cat1   two sisters & the cat2   two sisters & the cat3
  christmas present 1   christmas present 2   christmas present 3
  Nasreddin ferry man1   Nasreddin ferry man2   the american pepper
  the death car   the carpet fitter   romulus and remus
  the choking dog   the hitchhiker   tarzan of the apes
  the wild life   culture shock   emily carr
This exercises come from     WWW.EUROTALES.ERIL.NET    intermediate reading comprehension exercises
  Pim, Pam               (activities) wolf, fox and bear (text)   (activit.) wolf,fox,bear
  story of creation    (activit.) sampo (text)   (activities) sampo
  cantre'r gwaelod   (activities) beddgelert (text)   (activities) gelert )
  arthur's cave         (activities) lady of the lake (text)   (activities) lady of lake
  fionn and his men  (activit.) fionn mac cumhail (text)   (activit.) fionn cumhail
  the hair cut           (activities) setanta (text)   (activities) setanta
  patufet                  (activities) pretty ritty (text)   (activities) pretty ritty
  wolf seven goats  (activities) golden feather (text)   (activities) the feather
  the startales         (activities) the rainbow fish (text)   (activities) rainbow fish
  the musicians        (activities) alexander (text)   (activities) alexander
  monkey dolphin    (activities) jack fearless (text)   (activities) jack fearless
  daughter               (activities) billy goats (text)   (activities) billy goats
  lambton worm      (activities) gingerbread man (text)   (activities) gingerbread
  three little pigs     (activities) enormous turnip (text)   (activities) trunip
  red riding hood     (activities) hansel and gretel (text)   (activit.) hansel gretel
     The boy hunting locusts   The boy hunting ... (2)
  Dog and the Shadow   The Dog and ... (2)   The Dog in the Manger
  Dog in the Manger (2)   Fox and the Leopard   The Fox and ... 2
  Hares and the Foxes   The Hares and 2   Mole and his Mother
  The Mole and his... 2   The Mountain in Labor   The Mountain in ... (2)
  Swallow and the Crow   The Swallow and...(2)   Wolf and Shepherds
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