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  I Live in Pasadena   I Have a Honda   You Have a Girlfriend?
  Walking the Dog   Borrowing Money   Going to the Beach
  My Wife Left Me   What’s on TV?   A Nice Place to Live
  The New Mattress   My Laptop Is So Slow   How about a Pizza?
  The New House   Fish Are Everywhere   A Bad Boyfriend
  Talking Animals   Housecleaning Day   A TV Lover
  Write to Your Grandma   Are You Sleepy?   God Is Watching
  Feed the Cat   Shave Your Face   Two Polite People
  Give Me a Puppy   Kittens to Give Away   Happy in Heaven
  His Line Is Never Busy   Friday the 13th   Do You Love Me?
  Dad Has a Girlfriend   What’s That Smell?   They Deliver
  A Lost Button   Did You Say Something?   Washed and Folded
  Talk Radio   A Bad Diet   A Ham Sandwich
  Time for Your Bath   A Black Screen   A New Hard Drive
  Your Email Address   Time for a Nap   Thinking about Funeral
  The Elephant   Some of My Friends   You Will Die
  Let’s Not Go Out   Fill Out the Form   The Animal Shelter
  Is It Raining?   It’s So Hot   A Snowman
  The ATM   Move the Blue Bin   Digital TV
  Just Shoot Me   Don’t Be a Racist   Two Little Ones
  more english conversations    
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