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  reservations (airline)   confirmation (flight)   passport control
  railway travel   rent-a-car   booking a room
  ordering breakfast   lunch and dinner   in a shop
  buying food   buying clothes   foreign exchange
  bank drafts   internat. transfers   at a doctor
  at the post office   taking a picture    
at a restaurant at a hotel at the airport
Practical dialogues
  At a Hotel   At a Restaurant   At the Bank
  At the Library   Buying a Car   Buying a House
  College Life   Crime   Daily Life
  Dating   Driving   Election
  Employment   Food   Health
  In a New Neighborhood   Renting an Apartment   Shopping
  Selling a House   Small Talk   Socializing
  Taking the Bus   Travel   Unemployment
  video - hotel reservation   Dialogues and scripts
  Conversations : listening and transcript Conversation Questions
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