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75 free listening with activities require free realone  quickquicktimetime  or/and shockwaveshockwave    upperintermediate level
  from RONG-CHANG.COM   sara went shopping   fast food place
  driver loses mabel   to buy a gun   a life-saving cow
  better to be unlucky   food fight erupted   freeway chase ends
  Goats Being Hired
  A Missing Cat
How His Pig’s Doing
  Water Under the Sink 1
  Water Under the Sink 2   Book Him
  Eggs and a Bunny
  Hotel Says Goodbye   Theft Occurs Everywhere
  Books Don’t Grow
  A Murder-Suicide
$100 Deposit
  Mayor Denies   Gasoline Prices   New Store & Its Owners
  Crazy Housing Prices
  Happy Unhappy Renters
A Festival of Books
  Cloning Pets
  Oceanside Community
Pulling Out Nine Tons
  Gets Booked   Popular Park Reopens
  Trees Are a Threat
  Getting Older   Get Millions for Homeless
  Swim Classes Begin
  Bathtub Blues
  Blood at Civic Center
  Watch Building Burn
  City and Crime   Bank Robbery
  City Hosts 42nd Art Fair
  Jimmy Fixes His Door
  a New Air-Conditioner
  Immigration Goes Online
  Shoots Up Post Office
  Murals Over 200 Years   12 Years for Fraud
  Cameras in Police Cars
  A School Girl Sues   Pier Collapses
from MICHEL. BARBOT   forrest gump   forrest gump
  apollo XIII   full metal jacket   billy elliot
  back to the future   ten things I hate   in america
  Erin Brockovich   mission impossible   starwars
from UEFAP.COM   Extinction of Species   Geology
  Sick Building   The Family   Poverty
  Modern English   Taxes, Quality of Life   What is Language?
  Sustainable Economic   Cloning: Arguments   the Environment
  Genetically Modified   Political Correctness   Freedom and its Limits
6 listening from
  Phon1   Negat   Teleph
  House   badda   Direction
from EFLNET.COM   Adam Curry   Edmund G. Ross   Sandpits
The 4-minute mile   The Dilbert Principle   Tupperware   William Labov
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