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OXFORD PRIMARY Your children's favourite stories with audio and text.

where is baby elves-shoemaker clever monkey
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  Where is baby   Elves and shoemaker   Clever monkey
  Hello grandma   The chatterbox turtle   The jam street puzzle
  My dad   Wolf fables   Brer Rabbits trickbag
  Family poems   Olympic dreams   Ocean adventure
  What is it ?   The samosa thief   The super skateplank
  Don't jump on the bed   The sand witch   Animal conflicts
  Melting snow   Adventure for Robodog   Sport then and now
  Presents for baby   Cosmo for captain   How the world began
  Clothes for rain   Robot's special day   The personality potion
  Kippers diary   Jellyfish shoes   Why the sea is salty
  Little mouse deer   The wrong letter   The boss dog
  Sue Kangaroo   Here comes trouble   The king of football
  Paula the vet   Cool Clive   Jungle shorts
  mix, mix, mix   Fables from Africa   The masked cleaning
  Puddle's big step   Dangerous trainers   Cornflake coin
  Hurry up and slow down   Animal tricksters   Man on the moon
  The school trip   Toad swims for his life   Titanic survivors
  How many sleeps   Little mouse deer tales   Stinky street
  The ox and the yak   Big Liam, Little Liam   My friend Mandela
  Tortoise, tortoise   At the top of the world   Waiting for Godie
  Ron Rabbit's big day   Alien Swap   Blackbeard's last stand
  The singing bird   The snow king   Kelly the rescue dog
  Number poems   Tom the whistling   Grace the pirate
  Christopher Nibble   Clown school   Dragon tales
  Tortoise and baboon   The selkie child   Tomb raiders
  An old red hat   Yummy scrummy   Mythical beasts
  Alf saves the day   Disgusting Denzil   Tales of the underworld
  Hot dog   Nelly, the monster sitter   Sherlock Holmes
  Aye-Aye   Town dog   Air raid
  Oh, Otto !   Tom Thumb - football   Special day poems
  Farmer Skiboo stories   Toffee and Marmalade   Wild weather
  Snow troll   The huge beast   Minibeast poems
  The lazy giant   Dick Whittington   Castle poems
  Eric's talking ears   MaryAnn and cat baby   Sports poems
  Hero   Rory's lost his voice   Pirate poems
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