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OXFORD PRIMARY Your children's favourite stories with audio, text and activities .
  can you see me trolls scary monster
audio + text + activities audio + text + activities audio + text + activities
  Can you see me   Kipper and the trolls   Hairy scary monster
  Big feet   Chicken Licken   Gran's new blue shoes
  Cats   The sing song   Land of the dinosaurs
  Tiger's family   Leek hotpot   Go away, Molly!
  Top dog   The frog prince   Animals invade
  Is dad in here ?   Silver foil rocket   Submarine adventure
  Paco's pet   The birthday cake   The bully
  A dog's day   The rainy day   Rumpelstiltskin
  Ducks   What's the weather like   Jamie and the chameleon
  By the stream   The moon jet   The rainbow machine
  Floppy's fun phonics   Dragon danger   Viking adventure
  The big carrot   Everyone got wet   Flood
  A home for Ted   The scarf   What was it like ?
  Spots   Stuck in the mug   Finn MacCool
  The king and his wish   Painting the loft   Mr Grim's tower
  Ant and the baby   Big, bad bug   Dinosaur safari
  The snowman   Crunch   Jess and the bean root
  The toy's party   Seasick   Green island
  The snowman   Please, do not sneeze   Storm castle
  Be quiet !   The magic paintbrush   The flying machine
  Toads in the road   The big breakfast   Key trouble
  Quiz   Tom, Dad and Colin   East of the sun
  It's the weather   Bug hunt   Nasty Nate
  The wobbly tooth   Husky adventure   Christmas adventure
  Jack   Pirate adventure   The laughing princess
  My cat Moggy   A monster mistake   Olympic adventure
  Super dad   Rowing boats   Paris adventure
  The ice rink   In the garden   The gale
  Zak and Zee   Alien invasion   Red planet
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