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STORYPLACES.ORG listen /read the text some exercises require free realone   quickquicktimetime  or/and shockwaveshockwave
baby gorilla rainbow count bananas  
  baby gorilla*   color the rainbow   count bananas *
  story of shapes   find the baby*   five crocodiles
  I spy shapes*   the all star band*   five little babies
  golden ball   bananas for lunch   clyde's smile
  barnyard chorus   morris' special day   pick a pet*
  the perfect pet   when will daddy   I will not take bath
  the yellow gorilla   6 little teddy bears   it's bath time*
  little red high tops   dinos rock   the riddle quest
KIDCLUB.COM   I can   my week
  my neighborhood   Five green frogs   watch the wind
  baking bread   all by myself   shapes
  country mouse   what's in the sky   feelings
  enormous carrot   ten in the bed   breakfast
  the three pigs   the three bears   the three goats
  mouse and lion   trees   seasons       friends
WEB-POP.COM   Fiddler   Grampa
  going shopping   Pricilla   Snicker
  Tizzy     Sparkle   Button
ENGLISH AT WORK 25 episodes - listen, download audio mp3 and script
  01: The Interview   02: The Interruption   03: The crisis
   04: Doing lunch   05: Queen of Sheba   06: Double-booked
  7: Mr Lime's grapefruits   08: Room 301   09: The warehouse
  10: The brainstorm   11: Overtime   12: The big day
  13: The Imperial Lemon   14: Telephone tell-tale   15: Telephone manner
  16: Politely refusing   17: Place an order   18: The email
  19: The open window   20: Team meeting   21: Don't panic
  22: The smoker   23: Risky business   24: No smoke
  25: The big cheese   English Makeover : 8 episodes - audio and script
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