HOME LINKS TO OTHER FREE EDUCATIONAL SITES   Great activites online. Some english-french exercises
adele's esl Free Online English Exercises for Students of English as a Second or Foreign Language
autoenglish Adverbs of frequency, indefinite pronouns, To Be, comparatives and superlatives, have got uncountables, irregular verbs, possessive adjectives and pronouns, 's, prepositions,...
best on the web for teachers  The top 400 teachers resources web sites
bradley's English language school in Japan.Free online activities and worksheets for students and teachers
carmen luisa   Activities and resources for both English language students and teachers.
dienneti the best educational web resources
ego4u  English Grammar Reference Exercises on Tenses and other Grammar Topics
englishbanana English and Drama Resources fos Students and Teachers.
englishbee  English video lessons, free online exercises, grammer and vocabulary.
englishchlehrer - The teacher's site: second hand videos, used videos, Uebersetzungen, translations, books, second hand books, language, learning
english daily Learn English by conversation,common mistakes, exercises, slang  Interactive English Exercises for students of English as a foreign language.
englishexercises  Here you can find thousands of exercises to practice English language online.
english for sedavi An e-learning  environment which provides interactive grammar support for secondary students at 'ies Sedavi' in Valencia -Spain. The exercises were designed with 'Hot Potatoes': with acknowledgements.
englishlearner helps you learn English online with exercises on grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary and listening at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
english links  Categorized links to useful sites with exercises, worksheets and resources for international students and teachers of English as a second or foreign language.
englishmaven  Take free online Énglish lessons and exercises here. English Maven offers hundreds of English grammar and vocabulary lessons to help you study English online.
englishspanish English Spanish Link ofrece un servicio bilingüe para practicar y mejorar el inglés o el español, buscar trabajo en el extranjero y hacer amigos con personas de habla inglesa.  English Exercises, Grammar Exercises, English Quiz, English Tests online for free.
english vocabulary exercises   Over 760 Exercises! Over 2000 words! Learn & Review in gap-fill sentences in context.
englishweb Vocabulary exercises classified into fields,such as clothes,actions,hobbies,etc.Grammar exercises classified into topics.The first exercises are usually the easiest ones.
english-zone the best English-Learner's site on the 'Net!
esl 5minuteenglish   ESL resources including lesson plans, printable worksheets, quizzes, puzzles, grammar help..
eslall  Free ESL / EFL and Business English Directory.  Thousands of free ESL / EFL Resources.  Fast and easy search.  Updated daily
eslcity Helping teachers 100% free site with free worksheets,free topics,free flashcards,and games    Computer-Assisted Language Learning - ESL Audio & Computer - Vancouver Community College  There are many pages of information and advice about language learning, as well as hundreds of exercises in all aspects of English.
esl english as a second language  A starting point for people who want to learn English through the web
esl jobs  Park English is a Recruitment Agency specializing in ESL jobs in Korea & provides information on teaching English as a second language.
esl monkeys Free English-as-a-second-language teaching materials and learning resources for teachers, students & schools.ESL jobs, lesson plans, English schools/programs, books, school resources.
esl lounge We offer free lesson materials for ESL classes. Fully printable worksheets for all your ESL teaching needs. Song lyrics, reading comprehension, ESL articles, guides to English grammar and teaching ESL around the world.
eslpages The place for all English fans for resources and information.a full list of information, such as, lesson plans, educational plans, job offers, job wanted, games, teaching material of the best sites for teachers
eslteachersboard The premier message board on the web to help you find your dream ESL job!
eslwonderland This page has been created by an ESL teacher for ESL teachers and students. It contains various ESL activities for use in classes, as well as many links to ESL resources on the Internet.
esolcourses  ESOL Courses - English language lessons for students of English as a foreign language and young learners. Practise your English skills using our free listening activities, video quizzes, reading exercises and games
everythingESL -for ESL, bilingual and classroom teachers working with K-12 language minority students. Resources include inservice ideas and strategies, content based lesson plans, downloadable activities, tips on classroom resources
gametolearnenglish   This is a site for students who want to study or review English in a fun way.
grammar quizzes  Grammar-quizzes is a grammar practice web site for ESL or non-native speakers of English with quizzes on adjectives, adjective clauses, noun clauses, modals, gerunds, infinitives, participles, adverbs, sentence agreement, articles, connectors, present, past, present perfect, conditional and passive tense ,and writing a thesis sentences,..
groovetoenglish  Esl activities and exercises.
hilfen  You can learn English words, practise grammar, look at some basic rules, prepare for exams, do some tests or just have fun playing hangman. More than 500 online exercises
ihbristol  We are passionate about teaching and supporting you as you learn English.
ilovelanguages Formerly known as The Human-Languages Page, iLoveLanguages is still your biggest and best guide to language-related Web sites
inglesnanet  Welcome to my homepage, where you can learn English and have fun at the same time.
Internet TESL Journal Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help you learn English as a Second Language (ESL)
isabelperez Exercises and activities designed especially for secondary students of English: quizzes, tests, comprehensions, activities for several popular songs, etc.  Adult and Family Education Home - English as a Second Language Learning Activities.
kico4u  There are more than 300 English online exercises for every age group with answers so that everybody knows what they are doing wrong
lallena No sólo inglés - La web de Antonio Luis Lallena Passas
langcanada An abundance of educational resources, educational materials, training organizations and information that enhances second official language teaching and learning in Canada!
learningchocolate   This web site aims to help students to memorize English vocabularies in an easy and efficient way, by using pictures, sounds and games.  Learn English Online: more than 350 grammar and vocabulary exercises.
learn english  Learn English, A selection of English Books, English Videos, CDs, tapes, software, web sites, magazines, DVDs and courses for learning or improving your English. EFL ESL help with English here
learnenglishfeelgood     ESL/ELL-English Grammar and Vocabulary Tests, Worksheets, Free ESL Resources, Video-based listening comprehension tests, lists of American Idioms and phrasal verbs...
learn english online with english portal    Learn English online - free exercises, idioms, common
abbreviations, slang, proverbs and much more.
learn english with pictures and audio    Learn English with Pictures is a free resource to learn English words. The site has over 400 words and photographs, ranging from animals to kitchen appliances.
linguistlist The linguist list is dedicated to providing information on language and language analysis, and to providing the discipline of linguistics with the infrastructure necessary to function in the digital world.
mansioningles Curso de Inglés multimedia gratuito.Gramática inglesa gratis.Cursos de aprendizaje del idioma inglés para estudiantes y profesores.Tutoriales y ejercicios
maria valdes's page  Check the book section, with a comprehensive reading guide for advanced students of English and the vocabulary sections, for Advanced and Intermediate students.
marie nuzzi  Here are many sites with an abundance of ESL information for teachers and students
mes-english  Free resources for teachers of young learners.
moonlit road  Where we tell ghost stories, folktales, myths, legends and flat out whoppers from the dark backroads of the American South. Want to come along? Just follow the lantern to visit with our storytellers.
multingles  Multimedia e Inglés en Internet. Tecnología en el aula.Para profesores, estudiantes, webmasters y diseñadores de software educativo.
myenglishpages  We provide lessons, exercises and much more...Resources for teachers and students
myenglishzone English Online Tutorial:clases de Ingles,English classes,English Zone, aprendizaje de Ingles,English learning,enseñanza del Ingles,English teaching, capacitacion, training...
ompersonal 6 cursos gratis de Inglés Multimedia, 150 tutoriales gramaticales y 50 tutoriales de listening mp3. Toda la gramática inglesa explicada en español, ejercicios interactivos con respuestas..
saberingles Lecciones para aprender inglés, ejercicios, diccionarios y otros recursos. Para aprender o mejorar su inglés en forma divertida a través de Internet
sevastopoulos English in Context is a grammar practice web site for non-native speakers of English.
sherton Ingles para hispanohablantes - Recursos para aprender ingles en linea.Lecturas con humor.
shularena   Classroom,schule online,ready for english,vocabulary online -16 units with good exercises.
sites for teachers  Hundreds of popular websites rated by popularity:Reading Mathematics Science Social Studies and more Lesson Plans Worksheets Activities Clip Art  Multicultural Academic Program. Interactive ESL Practice. Practice your grammar and vocabulary
storytimeforme  Offers Interactive Online Stories for Kids. Our Childrens Stories are appropriate for all ages.
studyverbs  A site for English learners of all types
talkenglish   English Listening Lessons for Beginner Level ESL Students. Improve your basic listening using audio files, fun quizes, and answers.
tesol Since 1994, the Linguistic Funland has offered extensive resources for teachers of English including links to job information, books, software, student activities, teaching materials..
the english language  An exhaustive English Language resource. Find hundreds of English language related websites listed under dozens of relevant categories.
tinyteflteacher  Free English Practice and Resources for EFL Teachers and Students First Stop for Your Second Language Needs The complete source for all the needs of ESL/EFL teachers, schools and students around the world. Everything from jobs, resumes and schools to educational resources    This website is for those who are studying English as a foreign language (ESL / EFL). The aim of this site is to help you build a firm foundation for your English to which you will be able to add new knowledge yourself.    An english learning and teaching website, plus information treasury .
usingenglish   A wide range of English language resources for ESL, EFL, ESOL, and EAP .
vocabulary exercises Games, activities and exercises for beginners and elementary students of English.
wagner Useful links for teachers and learners of English as a foreign language
web-books  Site offers free eBooks including over 400 classics and contemporary works.
webguide Directory of resources for English learners   These language learning activities, games and exercises are open to all students around the world.
  world-english Online English Tests, Exercises, Instructions and Grammar Studies for EFL Students Exercises grade 4-5-6-7 . Interactive exercises and fairy tales
  zozanga Learn English, the free and easy web site for EFL/ESL learners, students and teachers.
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